come and see!

Visit our nursery or sessional care centre to experience these exciting and creative environments at first hand, and meet our care staff.

choosing a nursery. . .

We understand the weight of responsibility every parent or carer must feel when making such a critical decision on your child's developmental future.

Although we've tried to make this website informative, words alone cannot do justice to the stimulation our spaces provide, the sheer joy and exuberance of the children and the warmth of welcome your child can expect at georgie porgies nursery and sessional care.

arrange a visit today!

Just tap to call 0161 320 1616 and we'll be delighted to arrange a personally guided experience tour. . .  with plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and chat through any issues that are not clear.

take away a prospectus

When you visit, we'll give you a printed copy of our Nursery Prospectus to read at your leisure.

In this Prospectus you will find a list of our nursery groups, a full schedule of session times & fees, plus information about local nursery education grants.

The prospectus also includes a breakdown of the seven key areas of learning, a guide to the policies and procedures we've put in place to protect the children in our care and, of course, our standard terms and conditions.

making an application

Places are always in huge demand, so the earlier you apply, the better. . .  indeed, many of our current parents made an application before their child was even born!