policies & procedures

To ensure that all children are treated equally, with respect and as individuals, our staff will listen to your child, recognising and responding appropriately to their needs.

equal opportunities policy

Everyone at georgie porgies takes the utmost care to treat each person as an individual in their own right.

Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, religion, colour, creed or disability has no place within the nursery.

special needs policy

We are committed to the integration of children with special needs.

The Nursery follows the DFES Code Of Practice on identification and assessment of special needs, and has in place more than one special needs co-ordinator (SEWDCO).

child protection & safety

Our primary and overriding responsibility at georgie porgies is the welfare and well being of all children in our care.

As such, we have a duty to the children and parents or carers to respond quickly to any incident that may come to our attention.

We also have a duty to report any suspected abuse to the Local Authority and will follow procedures set out in the Local Authority Child Protection Committee and all staff have received training in child protection issues.

behavioural management policy

Children need to have set boundaries of behaviour for their own safety and the safety of their peers.

Within georgie porgies we believe in promoting positive behaviour by encouragement, praise and use of reward systems.

No child is ever called, or labelled, as 'naughty'.  It is always made clear that it is a child's behaviour we reject. . .  not the child!

support & feedback

We take our partnership with parents and carers very seriously and are always keen to know how we are doing.

Should you have a suggestion that would help us to improve any of georgie porgies' services, policies or procedures then please let us know!

You can simply tap to call 0161 320 1616 for an informal, friendly, chat. . .  or send an email to:

You can also contact us in writing at:
Georgie Porgies
The George Shaw Building
17 Market St, Crown Point
Denton, Manchester M34 2FH

terms & conditions

1:   Sessions
1.1   To be agreed with the Nursery and by pre-arrangement, however there is a minimum of 3 sessions on 3 separate days or 2 full days.  
1.2   Extra sessions can be booked at short notice, subject to availability.   Payment shall be made in advance or on the day of attendance.  

2:   Fees
2.1   A non refundable registration fee is charged for each child as per the schedule of fees.  
2.2   Fees are payable on the first of the month in advance by cash or cheque.  
2.3   Fees are charged at the full rate for periods of sickness when the child does not attend.
2.4   Statutory holidays are chargeable.  
2.5   Up to one weeks holiday in any twelve month period will be charged at half price provided the child has been at the Nursery for at least six months.   This will be deducted from your December fees when the Nursery is closed for Christmas.  
2.6   The Nursery will give one month's notice of any variation in fee charges.

3:   Late Payment of Fees
3.1   In the event that invoices are not paid on the due date as referred to in 'Fees' the Nursery reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 4% above the Bank of England base rate applicable during the time the debt remains unpaid.
3.2   In the event that bank charges are incurred by the Nursery due to the cancellation or dishonour of a cheque, standing order, direct debit or other payment, the Nursery reserves the right to recover all charges incurred, together with the cost of administration.

4:   Termination
4.1   Notice to terminate this agreement and to withdraw your child/children from the Nursery must be given one calendar month from the intended date.  We also reserve the right to terminate your child's place, should we feel that to continue with a place could compromise the integrity of the Nursery and/or any of its employees.
4.2   Fees are payable for a full calendar month in the event that insufficient notice is given.

5:   Closure of the Nursery
5.1   The Nursery will be closed for statutory holidays and for one week at Christmas these are chargeable.
5.2   The proprietors reserve the right to close the Nursery at other times and will give the maximum possible notice, unless it is beyond our control, again this is chargeable.

6:   Infectious Diseases
6.1   You must inform the Nursery staff as soon as possible if you suspect that your child/children has an infectious disease.   The Nursery will take advice from the local government 'Infection Control for Day Care' guidelines and will act in accordance with its sickness policy.
6.2   The Nursery reserves the right to refuse admission to any child on health grounds.

7:   Personal Property
7.1   All items of clothing and personal property should be clearly marked with the child's name.
7.2   All children should have at least one change of clothing.
7.3   The Nursery will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to clothing or personal property however caused.

8:   Emergency Contacts
8.1   It is absolutely essential that the Nursery is able to contact a parent/carer or emergency contact at all times.
8.2   Any changes to these contacts must be notified to the Nursery prior to the child/children next attending.

9:   Collection of Children
9.1   Collection of children must be by a parent/carer or other authorised person.
9.2   Children should be collected before the end of each session.
9.3   Notice of unavoidable late collection should be given as early as possible.  
9.4   Late collection of children may be subject to charge as per the schedule of fees.

10:   Complaints
10.1   We sincerely hope that you never have cause to complain but if you should, please follow the procedure below:
10.2   Firstly speak to the child's key worker.
10.3   If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction then please contact the Nursery manager.   The manager will then investigate your complaint and report back within three working days.
10.4   If the manager is unable to resolve your complaint then please contact a director who will also investigate your complaint and respond within seven working days.
10.5   If you still remain unsatisfied you are entitled to contact the local OFSTED office complaints.   Help line phone number and address as follows;

OFSTED Early Years Directorate
North West Regional Centre
3rd Floor, Royal Exchange Buildings
St Ann's Square, Manchester M2 7LA

Telephone:  0845 601 4772

11:   Nursery Policies and Procedures
11.1   All of the Nursery's Policies and Procedures are available for you to read in the Nursery reception or by email on request.

12:   Default
12.1   Should you leave the Nursery owing childcare fees, we would seek to recover the outstanding amount from Mum, Dad or Guarantor / Signatory.
12.2   Should we have to take legal action to recover the debt, you will be liable for all costs incurred.