seven key areas of learning

Set out in the Early Years Foundation stage are the seven areas of learning and development for your child;

personal & emotional

At georgie porgies, we provide the opportunity for your child to develop socially, to relate to both adults and other children.

Learning to share, to co-operate and show consideration, plus respect for others and their property, will help your child to fit in and be at ease with their peers.

Independence is encouraged, but we ensure that your child knows that they only have to ask for help and it will be given!

The natural curiosity of children is used to teach them about people, places, animals, plants. . .  and each other.

communication & language

Good communication depends upon the ability to speak, listen, read and write.  We develop all of these aspects of language so that children can communicate well.

Every activity at georgie porgies is made interesting and exciting to encourage your child to talk about what they see and do; with stories, audio and video tapes and, of course, children are encouraged to listen to one another.

mathematical development

Mathematics revolves around the practical activities and experience that form parts of our daily routine.

Examples at georgie porgies include;  tidying up and organising toys, matching shapes to understand form and size, construction with shapes and fitting them together, counting. . .  and much more.


Reading & writing is encouraged by having a variety of readily accessible materials at hand for your child to use, with quiet areas set aside in all rooms.

physical development

To promote the healthy growth of your child, helping them to develop muscular control and co-ordination, regular activity is provided through games and play.

As well as being engaged in physical activities, your child will be encouraged to solve little problems, all of which all helps to build self confidence and all round ability.

understanding the world

Activities are designed to make your child aware of their immediate environment. . .  and the wider world outside.

They will begin to understand about the weather, nature, animals and plants, plus different countries and cultures.  They will also be taken on local walks and encouraged to collect items of interest.

expressive arts & designs

Your child will use creative activities involving model-making, art, craft, music and movement drama to reinforce and support what they have seen, done, imagined and felt.

Every day, a selection of these activities will be available. . .  many of which are structured, with guidance and encouragement from our staff.  Your child's involvement and participation is more important than the final product!


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